We are pleased to announce that Event 3 will run at Treowen from 4-6 October 2019.

As with our previous event, we are limited to 25 player spaces.

This is a fully-catered event, and we can accommodate most dietary requirements;  if you have serious allergies you must notify us in your email to book a place.

Booking will take place in three stages: the first two stages are aimed at players who already attended Event 1 and/or Event 2, if you are a new player, please skip immediately to the ‘New Player Booking Stage’ below.

Stage 1 Priority Booking

We will be opening Stage 1 Priority Booking for existing players from Friday 26 October 2018 for one week. Until 2 November 2018, players who attended Event 1 and/or Event 2 have the opportunity to take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER and may book and pay for Event 3 at last event’s ticket price, if we receive notification of intent to book by 2 November 2018 (£275).

Stage 2 Priority Booking

From 2 November 2018 until 2 December 2018 we will be running Stage 2 Priority Booking for players who attended Event 1 and/or Event 2. Tickets at this stage are £300. Players already on our roster for one or both of the previous events will have the opportunity to pay £100 as a deposit and pay the remaining balance for the ticket by 2 March 2019 in either one or two instalments.

New Player Booking Stage

From 2 December 2018 we will open the New Player Booking Stage for the event. New players are required to pay the full £300 Event 3 in one instalment, once booking has been accepted.

Acceptance of Booking

Please note that the booking procedure will entail first sending us an email to to register your intention to book on to the event. Once you receive notification that we have accepted your booking and instructions for payment you will then have 48 hours to pay the required fee for the stage you are booking on to. We reserve the right to refuse any booking without reason given.