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“Can a magician kill a man by magic?” Lord Wellington asked Strange. Strange frowned. He seemed to dislike the question. “I suppose a magician might,” he admitted, “but a gentleman never would.”

Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell


This is the home of Strange LRP on the web, a live roleplaying game set in the world of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. We invite you to join a Regency-era adventure of wondrous magic, genteel manners and fairy malevolence. In case it needs to be said, Strange LRP is not run for profit, and ticket sales go directly on creating an event of high calibre.

Some LRP games are designed with complex rules to make the game ‘fair’. Strange LRP, on the other hand, is founded on the concept of fundamental trust between all concerned, particularly with regards to the simple combat mechanics.

We particularly encourage players who are new to LARP (or LRP, if you will) to come and take part: the rules are especially designed with you in mind.

This is a ‘high-end’, fully-catered event, designed to be ‘coolthentic’, rather than exactingly ‘authentic’. Therefore,in general terms we are happy to accept costume from around 1810- 1830, but if you have a costume you would like to wear, send us an email and we’ll take a look!

Strange LRP is set in the luxurious Hawkesworth estate, represented by the beautifully historic Treowen Manor and grounds. It is a world full of mystery and conflict, both between the players and against the denizens of the Fairie realm, but also with potential for working together against a common enemy. All in all, it is a collaborative story for all to enjoy. However, the world of Fairie is only a misplaced step away…

Read on for more information on Event One: A Doorway to Magic

“A door,” Lady Hawkesworth exclaimed, “A door appeared out of nowhere, and it simply won’t open!”

Lord Hawkesworth flushed in mild embarrassment, “Forgive my wife’s… enthusiasm, but she is quite right. The door has not budged, nor has anyone been able to get in by any other means.”

“We have tried pushing it, pulling it, battering it and burning it. We even had some tradesmen around to take down the wall, but all their tools fell to pieces when they came anywhere near. James even tried shouting at it in a fit of rage,” Lady Hawkesworth giggled, Lord Hawkesworth frowned, “needless to say,” she continued, “that did not open it either.”

“Which is to say, Sir,” Lord Hawkesworth said, “we can only conclude that the door must be magical, and we must have magicians to open it.”


At some degree of short notice, Lord and Lady Hawkesworth have invited some of the most reputable magicians in society to their estate to attempt to open a door which has appeared in a wall where there was not one before. Obviously, this may well be a spectacle, and they have also invited some of the most respectable and influential people in England to witness this grand undertaking, along with their valets, servants and hangers-on. Aware of the possibilities for danger, the Hawkesworths have invited some experienced military and naval personnel in an ‘unofficial’ capacity. It should prove to be a most entertaining weekend.

Please see our Booking page for out-of-character information, our Background & Rules page for character creation and event rules and our Mission Statement and Inclusion Policy.

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    1. I’m afraid not as it is our first event, although before time-in we will run a demonstration how we expect fights to play out.

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